Best Tips To Give Upholstered Furniture A Longer Life

Best Tips To Give Upholstered Furniture A Longer Life

Maintaining an upholstered furniture looks tough but easy when you start doing it. If you know the techniques and the right product to use, the cleaning and maintaining do not take much of your time. Be it a good-looking sofa, couch, curtains and other things, your house will have a fantastic interior, ready to welcome guests.

Check out some quick tips to maintain the best figure of upholstered furniture for a longer time.

Selecting The Right Fabric

Make sure you’re buying a right fabric for your furniture and of course, for your house. The selection of the fabric gives you an additional advantage which makes your upholstery maintenance task easier. Different types of fabric are chosen by the house owners depending on the members living in the family, how frequent they come across visits, parties and the location of their house as well. For instance, if you have pets or small kids, then you can’t go with velvet or hand knitted fabric. Velvet fabric is better for that furniture where the traffic is quite low and maintained lavishly and regularly. If you are in a confusion, go with synthetic fibres which are the better choice for upholstered furniture and can tolerate heavy and rough usage as well.

Tips Of Upholstery Cleaning For Prolonged Life

Maintenance Of The Fabric

Precaution is always better for maintaining every type of upholstery fabric. In a survey, it has been found that most of the families have their lunch or dinner on their couch or sofa-table. This makes all the crumbs and extremely small sections of foods fall over the furniture which can’t be marked by the naked eyes. Without prompt attention, spills can also happen which makes the cleaning procedure much tougher.

Why Is Autumn The Best Time For Carpet Cleaning?

The best form of fabric protection is prompt precaution and attention. You can easily use some mild protectors or fabric protectors to protect the upholstery fabric from preliminary damage and wear. Never wait for days or hours to clean the spills or crumbs’ scatters; always clean the mess immediately to prevent it being stubborn.

Turn The Sides

This is the best way that most of the busiest house owners do. If you know that you can’t wash the delicate fabric every week or so or do not have enough time to attempt, you can simply and periodically turn over the sides of the cushions or sofa covers. You can invest in those covers which are available with double sided same fabric. This method allows better maintenance and evenly distribution of stain or wears. This process also keeps the cushions and their fluffiness in shape.

Vacuuming Regularly

This is must attempt method to clean your upholstery furniture in an upright way. You can’t be attentive 24X7, so a regular or twice a week vacuuming provides a general cleaning and removal of the surface soil and scatters.

Keep It Away From Direct Sunlight and Pollutants’ Way

A direct sunlight can make the fabric harsh and after washing it, you may face the rudeness of the hard fibres of the cloth. It also causes it to fade and even fray.


Another major concern is its position. Do not place the upholstered furniture near the kitchen or exactly near the main entrance door or where the street is near. Airborne pollutants such as microbes, fumes and etc., have the power to harm your fabric. Keep proper ventilation all around the house which will also help with odour control and prevent pollutants to sit.

Hire A Professional Service

Always call or hire upholstery cleaning professionals & services twice a year to get the intricate cleaning and care.

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