Tips on How to Remove Nail Polish from the Carpet


Nail polish is the thing which rarely any girl hates. No matter how much aware you are when applying nail polish, there is always a chance that despite your best efforts can still end up making you spill the nail polish on your favorite carpet.  Nail Polish spilling on the carpet can be the biggest disaster because the single drop of nail polish can turn into a nightmare for you especially if the carpet is light colored one. Pulling out the nail polish from your favorite carpet fibers can be tough and time-consuming. Removing the nail polish spill stain depends on the size of the stain and amount of spill. Big stains require a lot of time in removing them. The steps will be same regardless the size of stains

Here are some tips to follow when you accidentally spill the nail polish –

1.       Fresh spills can be removed easily from the carpet without any hassle.

2.       Keep the area moist, if a nail polish spill occurs.  Removing the spill will be easier for you if you prevent the nail polish from drying.

3.       With the help of an old soft cloth, blot up as much of the spill possible. Keep in mind to change to a fresh part of the cloth frequently to avoid spreading the stain.

4.       Use water to blot the area to keep the nail polish moist and to prevent the nail polish stain from drying.

5.       Take another soft cloth and use a small amount of nail polish remover to moisten that cloth. It is advised to test it in the hidden area of the carpet before using it on the stained area to avoid any discoloration of the carpet. Keep the stain wet with water while you are noticing the test area for kind of changes.

6.       If you don’t see any changes and the test area works well, use more nail polish remover to moisten the cloth and blot it onto the stain. While blotting, you will see the nail polish transferring to the cloth.

7.       While blotting, often change the sides of the cloth until the stain is invincible.

8.       Adding water is necessary to keep the polish from drying.

9.       You can use rubbing alcohol or hairspray which contains alcohol to help with the removal.

10.   If the color of your carpet is light in color, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has a bleaching effect, so its suggested to avoid using it on dark color carpets without testing it first.

11.   Using the clean side of the cloth continue blotting until all of the polish gets removed.

12.   After the stain has been removed use water and mild soap or carpet shampoo to clean the remains.

13.   Blot the area with a clean cloth moistened with plain water to press out as much moisture as possible and allow the area to air dry completely.


If by following the above steps you are still unable to remove the stain, it’s time to call the professionals. They have latest techniques to deal with your problems and give your carpet the soft and new look.

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