Less Known Tips For The Better Cleaning Of Carpets

Less Known Tips For The Better Cleaning Of Carpets

After spending hours on carpet cleaning and still not getting positive results can be really stress giving. The specks of dirt that are really stubborn like wax, grease and chewing gums can give us serious nightmares if not treated properly and on time. The best solution for these is to pay your vigilance and whenever to notice such kind of mishaps, tries to eradicate it.

Often asked the professional about the effective carpet cleaning tips, here we are presenting some of the best and less known tips for the better cleaning of carpets that we hope will be useful for you.

  1. Heat Wax

As stated above about the stubborn stains, one of the unmentioned is heat wax stain. When we burn candles or celebrating good or big days with candles, most often, it has been seen that the dripping candle wax onto the carpet makes a stubborn mark. They quickly dry and get embedded in a more fast way.


To remove the same, place a white cloth over the iron, and then place the iron on the top of the stain or wax. Let it warm completely. And then, you can scrape off the wax easily with a butter or blunt knife.

Lay a paper towel on the surface area and iron on the paper, the wax will get attached with the paper and can easily come off.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide Is Of Great Use

The most horrendous type of stain is of blood where accidentally fell on the floor and blood spilling on the carpet can really ruin the carpet and can hamper the hygiene of it as well.

The first step is to loosen up the blood stain with a mild detergent mixed with water. At that time, you can scrape off as much blood from the carpet fibres as much as you can. After getting this done, apply hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain. The respective solution will create the foam and when contacted with blood which you can dab with the help of towels to dry the carpet.

  1. Clean Pet Residues

One of the most reported cases is pet’s residues which can get seriously stuck on the tender fibres of the carpet. And this can be done by the well-trained pets as well. In this type of cases, choose organic cleaners rather than using chemicals.


Spray these organic cleaners on the spot or the stain and then you can easily wipe off the wet area with the help of a cloth or towel. They can be used for coffee, or tea spills as well.

  1. Crushed Pieces Of Candy

Do you have kids in your house? Or do you have a secret crush for candy crunching? Well, if your answer is affirmative, the chances are more that they are accidentally spilled on the floors or on the carpets.

You can try to scrape it with a butter knife or a spotter brush. Then, use a sponge, apply soap with water mixed or soaked in a cloth. Show your main concern on removing the sugar particles from the area on the carpet.

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