Why Should You Consider Wool Carpets Best For Your Home?

Why Should You Consider Wool Carpets Best For Your Home?

When a homeowner enters a carpet shop or mall, the first thing that they notice is the variety and plush feel of the carpets. Many people feel very much overwhelmed by running their much-experienced hands on the plush nature of the carpets. The carpets are available in a vast array of fibres and designs. They are uniquely designed for specific rooms proffering assorted benefits and appearances.  From a variety of colours, textures and materials to select from, the carpets showcase vehement choices to invest in.

But the question bell strikes at – ‘Which one is the best’?

The answer will vary from country to regions of the house, depending on the place where the carpet will be used. But in most of the cases, if the family or homeowner is in search of a sophistication and elegance for their abode, then can consider wool carpet.

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You better ask why I have named this type of carpet among the mammoth the category and types of carpets. The wool carpets come with lots of benefits while giving a luxurious feel to the floor as well. Let’s check out some of the most noted benefits of having a wool carpet:

From long shelf life to amazing health benefits, wool carpets have much more to offer if selected as a flooring choice.

A Healthy Choice For Carpeting– Wool is a natural product and thus is much more beneficial than the synthetic products. They are hygienic and completely non-allergenic. They contain no harmful chemicals and gasses and inhibit the growth of bacteria and dust mites. Woollen carpets also provide the homeowner extra grip while walking on them. They are especially useful for things demanding balance, good posture, and to keep accidents at bay. Wool carpets are a great choice for asthmatic patients due to its natural filtering ability.

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Flame Resistant Material – Have you ever seen sheep on fire?

Well, this amazing ‘flame resistant’ capability has made it, even more, a better choice than others. When they come in contact with fire, they have the ability to self-extinguish through its upper pile forming. The thick insulating char layer on the woollen carpets has a feature to inhibit fire.

A Carpet that Will Last – Well, it is the same way how wool protects sheep in a cool environment. It protects it from harsh weather and other environmental factors. And that’s why it is not wrong to say that wool is one of the strongest materials to have in carpets. Wool carpets last more than the other carpets and keep that luxurious upright as well. So, if you expect heavy traffic during traffic and festivals, buy wool carpets that come with its natural strength. They have the ability to withstand heavy and harsh foot traffic.

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Environmentally Friendly – Do you know that wool is a renewable fibre? It grows all year and can be easily replaced during summers. They are also biodegradable and recyclable. Once it is bought and if you are already getting bored out of it, you can simply turn it to another product(s). The production energy of wool is much lower than other materials like nylon.

Yes, It’s Luxurious – It gives your abode a luxe feeling and thus, there is nothing to worry about when some posh friends are stopping by at your house. These soft staples underfoot are also extremely durable and thus, it is an investment of one time.

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