Serious Mistakes To Avoid On Upholstery Cleaning

Mistakes To Avoid On Upholstery Cleaning

Are you a house owner? Do you love making your home interiors look calm, soothing and preppy at the same time? If your answer is affirmative then you must call professional upholstery cleaning services twice a year. There are many advantages of having an expert for the house:

  • They know what is best for your product
  • The understand the sentiments and thus their service will never leave you in disappointment
  • They have the ingrained knowledge of the cleaning products and techniques
  • While leaving, they also provide you upholstery maintenance tips and advice

Give your upholstery products a straightforward and safe life. But in some cases, house owners to choose to handle the case on their own and sometimes, they do heavy and permanent damage.

Tips Of Upholstery Cleaning For Prolonged Life

To prevent these kinds of serious mistakes, we have come across a list which will help you to not-do:

  1. Wrong Cleaning Products

Where have you bought your upholstery product?

If you are not sure about the cleaning products using on the upholstery item, you can ask the sale assistant or manager or manufacturer directly on the place where you have bought them. Even if you are using homemade cleaning products, you have to be very much certain on the products you are investing your time and trust. Most of the times, the furniture manufacturer will provide you with the product recommendation.

Do not blindly take their words and always take third-party recommendations as well. It is always to do some research work while heading toward investing something precious. If you use a wrong or strong cleaning product, the quality of leather, dyes, finishes and fibre may get hampered.

Read the label carefully and focus on the sections of not-to-do’s.

  1. A Test Patch Is The Must If You Are So Concerned

This is the biggest mistake on jumping to conclusions and buying the product straightaway. Before directly using the product on your upholstery product, always run a test, if they are successful or doing good on your product or not. For this, a patch test is perfect.

  • Apply the cleaning solution on the unrevealed section of the upholstery (mostly beneath the item)
  • Wait and check what effect does it provide to the material

A little patience like this can help you in saving the life of your product.

  1. Not Calling Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Professional cleaners and experts do a lot of homework before working on your product and preserves a lot of knowledge and experience. There is a misconception that they charge a heck of money and are expensive but it is not.

Best Tips To Give Upholstered Furniture A Longer Life

There are unparalleled benefits of hiring Professional Upholstery Cleaners such as prolonged life of the product, intricate and deep cleaning, usage of right products, their understanding of the type and characteristic of the products, deal better with stubborn and tough stains, remove all the little bits of stain remnants, prevent from any kind of infestation and their further recommendations or advice on the product maintenance.

  1. Soaking With Water

The biggest mistake that most of the house-owners do is soaking the dirty items in water together. If you use such amount of water, it will prevent your upholstery product from drying quickly and generally, this will lead to mould formation. Even if it seems completely dry, the slight water disposition in the deep may create heavy damages and health issues.

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