5 Rug & Carpet Cleaning Hacks To Keep Them Look New

5 Rug & Carpet Cleaning Hacks To Keep Them Look New

Carpets and rugs are the dear home accessories that only enhance the interior appearance of the house but also create a comfortable chit chat corner for every group. And thus, most homeowners just love to include them! They love to experiment with the carpet buying by choosing different styles of carpets made of various fabrics.

  1. Remove Indentations Of Furniture

Rearranging and arranging furniture after carpet cleaning is the most common practice that every homeowner does. But the heart pains where they spot indentations. These indentations you can notice when you remove your furniture after such a long time. The area becomes dark when you place furniture over the carpet and it becomes darker after days pass by.

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To remove the marks of indentations, place an ice cube on the indentation and make it melt over it. Once it is melted, brush the carpet fibres with light brush or fingers to inject life in it. Do not use harsh applicators to brush it off as they can harm the texture of your carpet. Vacuum the complete area of your carpet when it is fully dry.

Make sure you are not dragging the furniture when moving it across the carpet otherwise it may abrasive ripples.

  1. Preventing The Change Of Colour

In the hardwood flooring, it is really difficult to spot any kind of colour variations on the rug. But the colour transformation is imminent if it is ages old or even a year old. There are many factors that affect the colour transformation of the rug such as direct sunlight, traffic, UV rays and air pollutants. Dark coloured wooden floors showcase rug colour transformation more vigorously as compared to lighter wooden floors.

All natural wood tend to shed some colour and area rugs happen to protect them from light and air. The wooden area underneath the rug can be seen changing colour after a length of time and if you remove it, you can see the difference vehemently.

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To avoid this type of condition, remove the area rug when you are planning to go out for a long time. Roll them up and put it in some other place in your house. The removal of open area rug will allow the light and air to sieve into the wooden floor. This will help to maintain the even colour.

  1. Rug Are Great To Prevent Traffic Patterns

There are certainly some spaces on the rug which are used more than any other area on the rug. This makes the wearing and tearing marks soon to appear on the rugs. To minimise this type of practical abrasions, the homeowners need to spin the place or position of area rugs in every 6 months. If the traffic is quite large in your house, you need to do this every couple of weeks. The regular rotation helps to create even wear and appearance across the rug while reducing the appearance of traffic lanes.

  1. Carpets For Your Stairs

Stairs face the highest traffic as compared to another corner of the house. Thus, the wearing and tearing happen more regular and spottable on the stair carpets as compared to others. They will age much more quickly than the carpet in other areas.

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There is no issue if you place different types of coloured or design or style of carpets for your stairs. For the safer side, keep the second piece safe for the next time dry area. They don’t require a lot of carpeting and thus, the added cost will not be huge. Pour your heart when buying carpets on your stairs.

  1. Baking Soda Is A Saviour Against Foul Smells

Yes, it is a magical fact that baking soda magically sucks up the foul smell. Just sprinkle some baking soda all over your carpet to eliminate the soggy odour or urine smell from the carpets. Leave the powder over the carpet for a couple of hours and then vacuum the space thoroughly.

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