5 Tips For Pre-Professional Cleaning Procedure Of Carpets

5 Tips For Pre-Professional Cleaning Procedure Of Carpets

Regular cleaning and maintaining carpets are the rituals to keep up the life and quality of the carpets. Not only it makes the appearance of your carpet good but also helps to maintain a good hygiene around it. If the stains and dirt deposition have created a big issue, then you must hire professional carpet cleaning services. They know the properties of different types of fibres used in the crafting of the carpets.

The carpets are then vehemently cleaned and sanitized. But there are few works that you can do on your end as well to get your floors ready for the upcoming professional carpet cleaning. Here are a few tips which can make the entire process a lot easier while producing more effective results.

Establish A New Furnace Filter

Have you observed dark discolouration on your carpets and walls near your heating vents? The main problem can be a dirty furnace filter. Most of the times, pollen, soot buildup and pollution make the way through dirty day by day causing excessive carpet stains.

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Change the filter as soon as possible as you diagnose such kind of discolouration on the carpet. Install it before hiring professional carpet cleaning experts. This will not only eliminate long deposited dirt but old debris buildup as well from the inside of the furnace and air ducts.

Promise Regular Vacuuming

Make sure that you vacuum the indoors once a week and if the footfall is high than just moderate or guests visit thrice a week (normally), then the owner should opt to vacuum twice a week. Let’s check out the advantages:

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  • Regularity will keep the debris or loose soil away from the carpet surface.
  • If you are quite regular then the soil or dirt won’t have much time to settle deep down into the fibres of the carpets and becoming more stubborn.
  • If you have pets at your home, then the probability is much higher of incoming of outdoor dust inside the house. Regular vacuuming keeps this issue away.
  • If the carpet is already debris and loose dirt free, then, it will be a lot easier for the professionals to speed up the carpet cleaning process.

Train Your Pets

Most adorable and close to heart are our furry friends and keeping them away from something might be sometimes tough but not impossible. You can train your pet to keep his dirty paws away from the carpet if he has just come from outside and go directly to the bathroom.

After every vacuuming session or blotting procedures, try to keep your pet(s) away from your carpet. If you have spotted the pet’s hair or fur on the carpet, try to remove it before the arrival of the professionals. This will prevent from forming hairballs from getting trapped within the fibres of the carpet.

Maintain Indoor Protocol Or Lower Down Foot Fall

Here are some quick steps to keep the dirt at bay or low down the staining probability:

  • If you are expecting guests, try to take them to the living space where there is a much thinner carpet or no carpet.
  • Ask your family members and guests to not to eat and crumble over the carpet area.
  • Install rough rubber or plastic doormats at every entrance door.
  • Locate some temporary area rugs that can easily be removed before the arrival of the professional carpet cleaners.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the indoors and install shoe rack at the main door entrance.

Spot Clean

If you spot spills and accidents or wear or tear on the carpets, remove the stain on the spot and don’t delay it to further. If it is a spill, dab the soak first and remove the residues with a green organic carpet cleaner.

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