5 Best Ways To Vacuum Your Carpet


Carpeting and maintaining the well being of it is very important. If any of them cut loose at any point in time, the appearance of the carpet, as well as the hygiene of the house, can be threatened. The maintenance and keeping the carpet hygiene upright can be easy when accompanied by two steps – vacuuming twice a week and calling professional carpet cleaning service once a year.

But before you attempt for vacuum cleaning on your dear carpet, here are few tips or say the best ways to vacuum your carpets. Of course, there are ways!

  1. Buy The Right Vacuum

If you talk about vacuum cleaners, you can find a prolific range of vacuum cleaners in the market. But the question is which one will be perfect!

You can check out uprights to canisters to hand-held vacuum cleaners. Each and every type of vacuum cleaners are created specifically for various kinds of functions and features that make them different from each other. Make a list of your requirements and then buy or rent a vacuum according to your needs for the carpet.

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When you buy a new carpet for your home, you must check the label given by the carpet manufacturer. You check if there are some recommended features or warnings. The Carpet and Rug Institute has issued a labelling system which states all the guidance report to purchase a vacuum.

  1. Beater Bars

In most of the vacuum cleaners, one can spot a rotating brush which is commonly known as a beater bar. They are specifically designed and given functions to agitate the loose soil or dust surfaced on the carpet fibres. If not properly given or functioned, they can damage the carpets in many ways.

Looped style carpet should not be vacuumed with the help of a beater brush as they could loosen up the fibres and cause the loops to appear frizzy. The loose fibre carpets can be tough to handle through rotator brush as they can also pull them up and make them entangled around.

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Long frieze style carpet can also face harsh consequence if cleaned by a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. Also, avoid natural fabric or fibre carpets such as wool, they can also be damaged with a beater brush.

Adjustable Height

If you have more than one type or style of carpet, choose vacuum cleaners with adjustable vacuum head height. For different carpets, you may need or have to adjust different vacuum heights to maintain proper airflow and proper suction. So, always make sure, you have adjusted the height of the vacuum according to the vacuum manufacturer’s recommendation for your carpet(s).

  1. Right Technique

Before start vacuuming or the complete process, examine the quality of the carpet by walking on it or touching the fibres of the carpet. Pick up the extra items surfacing the carpet and clean it one by one.

No Need To Rush

Concentrate the vacuum cleaner by brushing it back and forth on your carpet. We understand how important and things can be messed up when you have other chores to attend but vacuum needs your 100% attention. If you want it to be effective, give some time and brush it properly over the delicate surfaces and corners.

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Continue to brush the entire area until the complete area is finished. To get the best and efficient results, repeat the entire process in the backward direction. This is a very good idea for nice deep cleaning time to ensure a nice deep clean, 100% perfectly. Make sure to clean up the canister or vacuum bag when it gets full. A full vacuum bag will decrease the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Attachments Are Necessary

In most of the cases, vacuums come with hose attachments so that you can reach the hardest corners where it is hardest to reach. These attachments should be picked very wisely for the vacuum cleaners as they can change the complete scenario in no time and can decrease the toil for the time being as well.

Area Rugs

If you need to clean or vacuum your rugs which are quite delicate if made with wool or silk, use proper hose attachments with low power. If the rug is made of pile synthetic rug, you can use the beater bar for vacuuming. Instead of using attachment pieces at the corners of the rugs, use gentle suction tubes.

  1. Vacuum Often

If your house receives more traffic and footfall or has pets and toddlers, then you should consider carpet cleaning and vacuum more often. The minimum vacuuming schedule should be once per week.

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