Best Tips For Spot Cleaning In Carpeting


Carpet owners love to choose their carpets after intrinsic research of fabric, colour, type, length and the necessity of their own house. They will never want to exhaust their money in anyways; be it choosing the wrong kind of carpet or spoiling their carpet with wrong carpet cleaning solution. Thus, the cautious ones prefer to perform pre-test with the spotting solutions on the hidden areas instead of using them directly over the carpet fabric. This procedure is to make certain of the solution that it will not give any harsh consequence to tender the fibres or damage the texture of the carpet.

Another amazing technique is dye bleeding which can be proved by a white towel or clean cloth. If the dye transfers or by any means showcase damage, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning expert to clean up the mess.


Any kind of spill can be treated on the spot if the action taken is with immediate effect. The delaying period can cost you a huge damage including traffic lane and stubborn stains. Do you know that staining is influenced by many known and unknown factors? Well yes and this is why no one can guarantee their carpet is completely stain proof.

To act quickly and wisely, it is suggested to have some things or antidotes ready before you need them at first hand. Here is a list that you’ll definitely need:

  1. White terry towels
  2. Paper towels
  3. 4 trigger sprayers
  4. A pail
  5. Numerous of Sponges
  6. Spray Bottle
  7. Potential & safe cleaning solution for your carpet


You can also make pre-mix solutions and can keep it into the bottle spray for a quick use. It would be better if you label them for quick reference. Check out the list of the solutions that are great for carpet cleaning:

  1. Detergent
  2. Ammonia
  3. Vinegar
  4. Plain water
  5. Club Soda

Steps To Do It In The Right Way

Blot the solution with dry and white coloured cloth and towel. Just remember that the towel should be dry, white and absorbent as well. The respective kind of towel will be a great spill absorbent. Do not scrub but remember to blot the area because scrubbing may cause pile distortion. If the stain contains semi-solids, gently scrape up the stain or solid part with a spoon or blunt side of the knife. If the stain has become solid or dry, the cleaning process should include a vacuum on them as prior treatments. If your carpets have mud residues, it is better to leave it to dry and then vacuum and spot cleaned.


Locate the spots or areas carefully and mark them with some cloth first and then follow the directions well. Use the potent solution first for the most immediate or quick removal. Use the absorbent towel and blot the stained spot until no more stain transfers to the towel. After this step, move on to the next solution if the stain still persists. Have patience and do the blotting till it gets dry.

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